Honored Culture Worker
Chuvashia honorary citizen of the Yadrinsky district


Born on February 17, 1965 in the village of Bobylkasy, Yadrinsky District, Chuvash ASSR. He graduated from the Verkhneachak 8-year-old (1980), Khochashevsk secondary school (1982). He served in the army in Germany. After the army he worked at the Nikolaevsky House of Culture. He graduated from the Cheboksary School of Music. F.P. Pavlova. Being a student of the fourth year, he worked in the Syaval ensemble. He graduated from the vocal department of the Saratov State Conservatory. L.V. Sobinova (1994 to 1997). He graduated from the graduate school of Chuvash State University. I.N. Ulyanova, the direction of preparation of philosophy, ethics and religious studies (2018). He worked in Saratov in the concert organization «Anshlag 94». He was the chairman of the Saratov Chuvash autonomy, from January 2012 — a member of the Federal Autonomy Chuvash. Honored Worker of Culture of Chuvashia (2012). Honored Artist of Chuvashia (2017). First Vice President and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Chuvash National Congress Interregional Public Organization (since 2013). By the decision of the Yadrinsky District Assembly of Deputies dated July 24, 2015, for the great contribution to the development of the Yadrinsky District and many years of conscientious work in the field of culture of Chuvashia, he was awarded the title “Honorary Citizen of the Yadrinsky District”. From September 2018 — Director of the Chuvash State Opera and Ballet Theater.

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